6 tips for learning Chinese

There is a popular phrase called ‘ expat bubble ‘ in the expat community. It refers to the foreigners living in a country only sticking with the other foreigners because this is their comfort zone. They fear to connect with the locals. One of the biggest reasons is that they haven’t learned Chinese. Some fear to be mocked or misunderstood because of the awkward spoken language? Today this article would show 6 tips for learning Chinese.

6 tips for learning Chinese

6 tips for learning Chinese – tip 1

Jump out of the bubble and make friends with locals

With English as a compulsory course in most primary schools, it’s easy for Chinese people to talk with foreigners in English. And they are warm-hearted to translate English to Chinese for you to teach you some local daily speeches. Therefore, through the daily study and application of local speeches, your Chinese would progress rapidly. Moreover, making local friends could help you touch the culture there firsthand.

6 tips for learning Chinese - tip 1

6 tips for learning Chinese – tip 2

Find a language-learning partner

Another great tip for learning Chinese fast is to find a companion and work hard together. I remember when I tried to play badminton with my left hand but I’m a right-hander. It’s a big challenge. At the beginning, playing badminton becomes picking up the ball constantly, because I and my sister, who is a right-hander, keep missing the ball.

I should say that process somehow boring and desperate, but we don’t give up until one day we can operate the left hand freely like the right hand. You know how people think about me: they can’t believe I’m a right-hander when playing badminton with me.Two are better than one.

6 tips for learning Chinese – tip 3

English corner – a place for cross-cultural & mutual learning

Well, in some more developed cities in China, there are English Corners for people to learn from each other. Most Chinese learned ‘mute English’at school, which means that they are poor at spoken English but good at written English. Their English speech is understandable, but not localized. Thus, making friends with English learners could benefit from each other and keep motivated.

6 tips for learning Chinese – tip 4

Hello talk – an app for pairing language learners

Another good source to make friends with English learners is the ‘Hello Talk’. Not only that you could find language partner in this app, but you could post your questions there. The app users are ready to help you out!

6 tips for learning Chinese - hello talk

6 tips for learning Chinese – tip 5

Set up regular learning Chinese plan

Learning a language is never an easy thing and learning Chinese is no exception.Here is a useful app called Pleco to learn Chinese. You could type in the words you wanna learn, and it would translate English to Chinese. Moreover, it would explain the meaning of Chinese character, offering PinYin and pronunciation. You could add the English to Chinese translations to a card, and review them next time.

Set up regular learning Chinese plan 6 tips for leaning Chinese : Pleco to learn Chinese

Another App called Anki. Anki not only provides plenty of words packages in different fields such as science and geography, but helps you review and remember the words according to the SM2 algorithm.

6 tips for learning Chinese – tip 6

Learning Chinese from the trips

One of the great ways to get rid of the expat bubble and melt into the local culture is to travel. Firstly, travel would force you out of the comfortable zone. Along the journey, there would be many things out of plans, which would get you turn to the locals for help.

Second, traveling is a way of cultural communication. Open yourself to let them know your culture and getting to know theirs, too. The more communication, the more amazement you will find. However, the Chinese storage may not be enough to use. You can use English to Chinese translation app or English to Chinese translation gadget such as Haiyu voice translator to break the language barrier language barrier.

6 tips for learning Chinese - traveling

Such app or translation device is also a good way to check if you have correctly mastered Chinese. Just speak Chinese and see if it can translate Chinese to English correctly.

Living in a country, it’s an insult that you could speak that country’s language. Speaking good Chinese would win you great respect from the locals, because people would think you respect and love their culture. People would take you as a part of them rather than an expat that is hard to get close to. Communicate more, learn more and have more fun in China! Comment your tips for learning Chinese!

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